JSN is committed is to provide our client organisations quality services in recruitment and human resource management. We understand the importance of experience and trust. Our team consist of like-minded consultants with a wide and extensive range of functional and industry experience.

We employ a systematic approach where our senior consultant will be single point of all communication and recruitments needs. Our senior consultant with the relevant experience will study the requirements and actively search for the right candidate for recommendation to your client. We have built a good network and database of candidates and client relationships an we have the ability to reach a pool of highly skilled and experienced candidate in a reasonable time.



Singapore is a thriving financial centre of international repute, serving its domestic economy, the wider Asia-Pacific region, and the world. The various critical factors supporting Singapore’s development as an international financial centre are a pro-business environment, sound economic fundamentals, a strong regulatory and supervisory framework, excellent infrastructure, and a highly skilled cosmopolitan workforce.

Our Banking & Financial Services recruits for a wide array of roles for banks and financial institutions and the roles are:

Front Office:
Investment Management
Private Equity
Corporate & Private Banking
Fund Management
Private and Retail Banking

Back Office:
Financial Accounting

Operations and Middle Office:
Risk Management
Settlement & Processing
Asset Servicing


Singapore’s active positioning to become a global financial hub is fueling a growing demand for well-trained, financial-savvy professionals. The finance sector is considered by many to be a lucrative industry. The sector is made up of many inter-related disciplines, such as accounting (tracking business transactions and reporting financial performance), auditing (gathering evidences to assess fairness of financial disclosures) and investment (using funds to achieve optimal returns), just to name a few.

The role which our senior consultant with extensive knowledge of the industry experience include:
Chief Financial Officers
Finance Directors
Financial Controllers
Internal Audit
Compliance & Control
Management Accounting
Financial Accounting
Commercial Business Analysis
Credit Control
M&A/ Corporate Strategy


Asia is swiftly rising to become the new economic powerhouse and many organizations are looking to expanding their businesses in the Asian region. In fact, Singapore was ranked by the World Bank as the No. 1 Logistics Hub amongst 155 countries globally in a 2012 Logistics Performance Index. With the huge influx of global logistics players in Singapore and in Asia, it is therefore important to get the right people in the various functions across the complex logistics and supply chain management.

We can help our clients to look for suitable positions for:

Supply Chain Manager
Procurement Specialist
Supply Chain Risk Manager
Logistics Management Specialist
Warehouse Management Systems Specialist
Demand Planning Specialist
Operations Director
Purchasing Manager

iStock_000037124100_SmallOrganisations looking to expand successfully cannot run away with having effective sales and marketing strategies and the right people to execute such strategies. In JSN, we help organisations in various industries and fields to find suitable candidates to help them grow their businesses. Our specialities include:

Commercial and Industrial
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
Media and Telecommunications
Technology and Systems

Technology in the handsIn this modern age and rapid changes in technology, successful organisations reply heavily on an effective network of information technology to function and enable their business operations. With information technology and suitable professionals maintaining it, it will be impossible to carry on operations or expand its growth.
Therefore, we help our clients to look for suitable candidates in these key roles:

Chief Information Officer
IT Risk and Compliance Officer
IT auditors
IT security specialists
IT administrators
IT network management
Solution architects
IT Project Managers
System and Program Analysts


Globally, the healthcare industry is undergoing tremendous changes and rising importance due to changing demographics, lifestyles and various market forces. These are giving rise to disruptions in the traditional industry value-chain and resulting in the transformation and collapse of traditional healthcare systems. Across the globe, professionals with healthcare and life sciences skillsets are being sought after by industrial players, hospitals, research institutes, healthcare institutions.

Recognising the increasing demand for such professionals, JSN has consultants looking after positions:
Healthcare products and systems manager/specialists
Specialists in various medical fields
Clinical applications analyst
Pharmacy Technicians

iStock_000036305752_SmallHuman Resources is often an under-rated back-office function. However, it is one of the most important and critical function of an organization because it looks after its most valuable asset : people. People runs the organization and without proper human resources management, an organization will find its operations affected and may be at risk of non-compliance with legislated labour laws and strained Union-Organisation relationships.

JSN has vast experience in helping our clients in filling positions in these critical Human Resource functions:

Human Resource Director
Safety & Health
Employee and Union Relationship
Human Resource Development & Training
Human Resource Outsourcing
Payroll Management and Processing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEngineering and Manufacturing is one of the pillarstones of Singapore’s economic success. The manufacturing industry contributes about one-third to the country’s annual GDP. Electronics and Precision engineering are the industry’s most established sectors while solar wafer manufacturing is slowly gaining traction.

We can help our clients to look for suitable positions for in these key fields:

Computer Peripherals
Data storage
Info-communications and consumer electronics
Precision Engineering
Solar Wafers Engineering